Khams chen vol. ta (9)


Title:   Khams chen vol. ta (9)

Type of object:  Manuscript on paper in loose leaf form

Find site:  Mardzong caves GPS coordinates: 29°10’08.7″N 83°59’27.1″E / 29.169083, 83.990861 Elevation 3493 m above sea level.

Location (for place name): Choede Monastery Antique Museum

Khamchen vol. ta (9)


Language: Tibetan

Script: dbu can

Text execution: hand written

Writing instrument:  bamboo/wooden pen


Dpe cha (Pothī format)

Size (h x w): 20.4 × 64 cm

Lines per page: 4–7

Guidelines: 1.8 cm

Distances in between upper lines of text: 1.8 cm

Measurement from page: 2

Pagination/foliation: Foliation











Type of paper: Handmade with woven type of mould

Raw material: Steller chameajasme and Daphne/Edgeworthia sp.

Papermaking sieve print (woven, laid lines /3cm, chain line intervals): Woven (textile)

Number of layers: 3–4, possibly more

Texture:  Polished

Dyes:  None

Ink colour: black, red


Page 223 recto in close-up